当院は、高野山にある塔頭(たっちゅう)寺院のうちの一つで、1127年に白河天皇第四皇子覚法法親王によって開基されました。山内の西方に位置し、伽藍や霊宝館(宝物館)にも近く、朝夕の散歩に最適なロケーションにあります。 建物はこじんまりと落ち着いた雰囲気を失わず、自慢の精進料理は季節によって内容を変え、素材の味を大切にして皆様にお出ししております。 隣接する成慶院は、武田信玄公の菩提寺であり明治時代より櫻池院が管理しております。


Koyasan, 800meters above sea level, is located the heart of the northern mountain district of Kii Peninsula, a central region of the Japanese Islands. Kobodai Kukai, have preached the Esoteric Buddhism (Shingon Mikkyo) into Japan from China and he developed the mountain area as a sanctuary of self-discipline. He established monasteries in Koyasan about 1200 years ago. The Shingon Mikkyo originated in India and come to China via the famed Silk Road. Mount Koyasan is the fruit of deep faith of one individual. It's long history and wishes for eternal peace and welfare of mankind have been successfully maintained by the faithful followers of Kobodaishi.

Yochi-in established by a member  of the imperial family, Prince Kakuho, in 1127 is located in western Koyasan, and very close to Garan-complex and a museum so that it is the best to take a walk. Our Shojin cuisine is always cooked with seasonal fresh vegetables and also our sincere hearts. We appreciate if you enjoy staying at the temple and also experiencing genuine Japanese traditional culture.